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I'm Joel Davis, a 3D animator, illustrator, and game developer based in Orlando, Florida

Most recently, I co-developed KeyWe, an award-winning co-op puzzle game. Click here to jump to my work on KeyWe. 

Please take a look around, and email me at if you'd like to chat. Thanks for visiting!

- Joel

Recent projects
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KeyWe is a co-op puzzle game about two kiwi birds named Jeff & Debra, who work at the Telepost, a whimsical post office in the remote territory of Bungalow Basin.

Our 3-person studio Stonewheat & Sons developed KeyWe over 2 years. It released for PC and consoles in 2021, and was published by Fireshine Games.

KeyWe was awarded Best Family Game at Gamescom 2020, and currently holds a

"Very Positive" review rating on Steam.

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KeyWe work

I wore a few different hats on KeyWe - click a section below to expand it.

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Animation & cinematics

I was the primary animator on KeyWe. This allowed me to make bird bodies shimmy and shake. 

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Concept art & character design

The Telepost



KeyWe takes place at a rustic mail outpost, surrounded by wilderness. This concept was a main touchstone when designing our setting. I also staged and lit the in-game version, a recurring visual in KeyWe's cinematics.

I was the primary concept artist on KeyWe, generating designs for whatever needed visualization - from characters to user interface. These included 2D concepts, 3D character designs, and in-engine mockups.

Jeff & Debra

Our flightless protagonists had to be cute and readable, but it was important from an animation perspective to design them with solid underlying anatomy. In addition to 2D concepts, I also sculpted the base 3D model, which was then prepped and rigged for animation by Grant Gessel.



The cassowaries were recurring characters that were also integral to several gameplay mechanics. We needed them to be able to read as both playful and intimidating, depending on the scenario. In addition to 2D concepts, I also sculpted the original 3D design, which was then prepped and rigged for animation by Grant Gessel.

Buck Hamm


Jeff & Debra's boss is a good example of how KeyWe concepts often had to be quick and sketchy, due to time. But from the first concepts, Buck was a team favorite, and we were glad our schedule allowed us to fit him into the game! In-game model by Grant Gessel.



The pesky mailflies were a recurring antagonist. Because many of them would appear onscreen at once, they needed a relatively simple design to not bog down performance - but they also needed enough detail to look good in close-up, and enough features to give them a sense of character. In-game model by Grant Gessel.

Zoey & Zuni

Zuni in-game

Zoey in-game

Zoey sculpt

Zuni concept

Zoey, the administrative octopus, is one of Jeff & Debra's coworkers. I sculpted her original 3D design, which was prepped and rigged by Grant Gessel.


Zuni, Zoey's baby niece, was a pre-order bonus character who rode around on your kiwi's back. Zuni model by Grant Gessel.



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Sound & Music

I produced the music and sound of KeyWe. Below are a few sample music tracks.

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00:00 / 00:58

KeyWe main theme

00:00 / 01:11

Jeff & Debra

General gameplay music.

00:00 / 00:52

Kiwis on the Storm

Monsoon season arrives.

00:00 / 00:42

Wickertide Tricks

Extremely spooky, listen with care.

KeyWe Telepost Tournament Key Art 4k VERSION2.jpg
00:00 / 01:00

Telepost Tournament

Race-course music from KeyWe DLC.

00:00 / 01:18

A Hollyjostle Carol

What a festive winter jingle!

00:00 / 01:09

Covert Decoders

Kiwis on a super secret spy mission.

00:00 / 00:31

Stand Your Post

The birdies brave a blustering blizzard.

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Other stuff
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I was the primary animator on KeyWe. This allowed me to make bird bodies shimmy and shake.